Forces Unseen believes in the power of research for the advancement of security in emerging technologies. It's by tinkering and asking "What if I try this?" that leads to the discovery of novel security vulnerabilities and improvement of technology. We focus our time on hacking new technologies and are comfortable in areas that don't have much established security guidance. It's in this space full of unknowns, excitement, and technological progress where our team thrives. Below you'll find a glimpse of some o the things we've been working on. Be sure to also check out our blog for more technical content.

AI Escape Game

Is Forces Unseen a video game studio now? We like to joke around that we are. We thought that the best way to share our LLM and AI research would be in the form of a game. gives you the chance to learn more about LLM behavior and get the ability to try out different attacks as you go through the levels trying to get the chat bot's name. We hope that you have fun and develop some interesting techniques for attacking LLMs.

Compete with PLayers from THESE COMPANIES

OPen Source Software

Contributions From Our Team

Forces Unseen stands on the shoulders of giants in open source. To give back, we make many of our internal tools and projects available to the public and will continue to do so as we work on future research projects.