Forces Unseen is a specialized cybersecurity consulting firm helping companies with application and infrastructure security.

Our services are tailored to every project. We focus on understanding your unique situation, goals, and environment. We take a holistic approach to security as each piece of the puzzle can either make or break a system. We are not in the business of providing commodity services or selling unnecessary, complex solutions. Instead, we rigorously review your source code, applications, and infrastructure to find impactful vulnerabilities.

We are builders, breakers, and fixers and we look forward to helping you out with our expertise.

the team

Who are we?

Alex Leahu (alxjsn)

Co-Founder and Principal

Former Apple security engineer and Bishop Fox security consultant. Eclectic bookmarks collector.

Jeff Siqueira (kee7a)

Co-Founder and Principal

Former Bishop Fox security consultant. Always has way too many tabs open in his browser.

Matt Hamilton (eriner)

Co-Founder and Principal

Former Soluble security researcher and Bishop Fox security consultant. Level 99 woodcutting.

our process


Our application and infrastructure assessment methodologies are provided below. These documents describe our entire assessment process end-to-end. We're transparent; we make our process simple and clear to those who have never undergone a security assessment. For those familiar with security assessments, these documents give insight to nuances in our approach.



Establish the goals and scope of the project.



Validate test environment, access, and configuration.



Perform tool-assisted manual security assessment of the targets in scope.



Deliver and present the assessment results and remediation recommendations.