Forces Unseen is a a small but mighty cybersecurity consulting firm with a tight-knit group of hackers. Our bread and butter is application security and any related infrastructure. We're not a one-stop shop for everything security, and we only take on work that we are very confident we can deliver high-quality results. We're a remote-first company with our HQ located in Chicago.

We are always looking to meet builders, breakers, and fixers. We hire heavily based on work sample tests, which we try to make very fun to complete. Although we are interested in your resume, it's not a primary focus for us since an enthusiasm and an aptitude for hacking on interesting technologies is more valuable to us.


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At this moment we do not currently have open positions, but we still want connect with you! Fill out our form linked below and who knows, maybe you'll even get some goodies in the future.

You can also reach us at if you have any other questions.